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Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

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Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance without any health questions or medical exam
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Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Simple and affordable guaranteed issue life insurance without medical exams, health questions, or rate increases. Protect your loved ones from future financial burdens. Guaranteed issue life insurance can be used to cover expenses like medical bills, debts or funeral cost. 

You can't be turned down for guaranteed acceptance life insurance based on your medical history or health reasons. You can receive permanent life insurance coverage with a level death benefit and a fixed premium. This means your premiums stays the same and does not change as you get older, even if your health gets worse. The amount of insurance will also not decrease. 

Benefits that can help your family at a time when it is needed most.  

Guaranteed Acceptance

Rest easy knowing you won't be turned down for life insurance. No matter your health, you can get permanent life insurance coverage that last for as long as you live. 

No Medical Exam Required

Tradition life insurance typically requires a medical exam to show proof of good health. Guaranteed acceptance life insurance does not require any medical exams. 

No Health Questions

You don't have to answer any health questions, see a doctor or take any medical test. Its a quick and simply process. 

  • Get up to $25,000 in Coverage
  • Rates are lock-in for life
  • Benefits never go down

Available with Living Benefits - at NO EXTRA COST

Chronic Illness - full refund of premiums paid when the insured triggers the chronic illness benefit under the policy, such as the inability to perform at least 2 of the 6 activities of daily living or suffers from a severe cognitive impairment as defined in the policy. Activities of daily living are bathing, eating, dressing, continence, transferring and toileting. Severe cognitive impairment are things like Alzheimer's and dementia.

Terminal Illness - provides a percentage of the death benefit while you are still alive. This benefit can accelerate 50% of the available death benefit when the insured has an illness or physical condition that is expected to result in death within 24 months as certified by a physician from the date of certification. 

  • Peace of mind coverage for mortgage and other debts
  • Pay off or pay down credit cards
  • Cover medical debts
  • Pay funeral cost

Insurance Companies that Offer Guaranteed Acceptance Policies

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance is offered by several life insurance companies, making it likely you can find a policy that fits your needs. Each company has different options or features which can fit to your particular situation. 

The Best Rate for Guaranteed Life Insurance

When you need life insurance but get declined for coverage because of health problems or high risk factors, you may want to consider guaranteed acceptance life insurance. 

Make sure you are getting the best rate for your life insurance. One way to do this is to get your hands on a number of proposals before you buy. A licensed life insurance professional should be willing to address these points. 

Get all your questions answered. The person you work with is a good source to ask questions about insurance until you are fully satisfied with your understanding.

Tips Before Buying Life Insurance

Get multiple quotes from several life insurance companies

It may be a good idea to ask your life insurance agent to show you quotes from multiple life insurance companies. This may save you time since life insurance rates are the same, no matter who gives you the rates. This means the rates for life insurance are the same if you get them from the company directly or from an independent life insurance agent.

An agent that can show you multiple products and companies can save you time and money.

You may also want to ask the reason your agent presented a particular company or product and whether the answer fits with your need for life insurance. 

Review the premiums and amounts of death benefits for each policy and ask your agent if there are any additional benefits included at no additional charge. 

Consider Alternatives to Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Although accidental death and dismemberment insurance has it's limitations, it may be an option to consider for some form of life insurance protection. These policies typically pay benefits to your beneficiary if death is caused by accident and may also pay for loss of use a one or more body parts as described in the policy.

Those people who are primarily concerned with funeral expenses may want to consider a pre-paid funeral plan.     

Can I still get traditional life insurance if I have previously been decline? I have a bad medical history...

More alternatives... Specialty companies and their agents 

Another alternative to guaranteed acceptance life insurance is to go the route of traditional underwriting with companies that have experience and currently offer insurance to people with medical conditions that might be considered an automatic decline with another company. 

Insurance companies that specialize in one or more medical conditions may be able to offer you a better policy and at lower rates than the guaranteed issue type offerings.  

Knowing where to look is one key to finding the right policy. Even if you have been turned down for life insurance before there may still be hope to get the coverage you need.

Knowing the right insurance agent makes a difference. 

Your agent needs to be willing to discuss your situation, develop a plan and then contact numerous companies to get underwriting risk assessments for your case. This type of agent specialist possess a particular skill set for knowing which companies to turn to when others of failed to make an offer. 

If you've been turned down for life insurance before; If you still need to secure a policy with more benefits, at less cost than a guaranteed acceptance type of life insurance, then complete the contact form on this page, (click here).  

Talk to someone that can help me get more life insurance, at lower cost.

Have you been previous been turn down for insurance? Do you need more coverage than what is available with Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance?

The right insurance agent can make the difference.

Specialty life insurance agents may be able to help you find the insurance you need. These agents know how to uncover underwriting niches from the nation's best life insurance companies.

Declined for life insurance. Have you been told to give up on traditional life insurance? A specialist life insurance agent may be able to get you insured with traditional life insurance products.


Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance without any health questions or medical exam

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