Elaine Edwards, CFP®

Elaine Edwards, CFP®

Elaine’s early years were about perseverance. Before finishing high school at 15 Elaine sold home services products and made new appointments for a medical office. After graduating from nursing school, she took a job as a medical office administrator. She learned about the health care business and soon went on to open her own medical centers. Over the next couple of years, she owned and operated over 20 medical facilities. 

As a natural byproduct and extension of owning medical centers that catered to Medicare and Medicaid patients an insurance company would add stability, control and profitability to the enterprise. Elaine put an experienced team together, distributed ownership interest and planted her first Health Maintenance Organization, HMO in Florida. The fruits of her labor paid off. Elaine was now in her late twenties, an executive for her own insurance company earning nearly seven figures a year and culminating in the sale of the company for a record amount per member at the time to Foundation Health Corp, later bought out by Aetna.

Over the next several years she opened more insurance companies in Tennessee and Colorado. The Colorado HMO grew to become the third largest HMO in the state.


Elaine helps position companies to:

  • Decrease operational expenses
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce direct labor cost

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