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Life Insurance Medical Exam Preparation

If a medical exam is required for your life insurance application, we will schedule it for you. The exam, performed by a licensed medical professional can be planned according to your schedule.
Medical exam can help get you a better rate for your life insurance policy
Insurance company underwriters used your medical exam to classify your risk. Most applicants receive either a preferred classification, (for healthy applicants), or standard classification. A rated classification may be given to riskier applicants.
Insurance companies use medical exams as part of the application process. The extent of testing is determined by your age and the amount of insurance you have applied for. Typically, exams take less than 30 minutes of your time.

Depending on your age and the amount of insurance being applied for, the exam can consist of any of the following:
•Health history
•Vital signs, to include blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, and measurements
•Urine sample
•Blood sample
•EKG or treadmill
•Doctor examination instead of a nurse or paramed examiner (for high life insurance amounts)
•Chest X-ray (due to certain ages, insurance amounts, and smoking status)
•Cognitive testing (for certain ages and insurance amounts)

The examiner will inform you of what the exam will consist of and advise you of any necessary instructions.

Be prepared the day before your exam
What should I do the day before to prepare for my exam?
Drink plenty of water
Get plenty of rest (avoid hard exercise)
Fast for at least 8 hours prior to exam
Doctor’s name (address and phone)
Medications (be ready with a list of any medications you take)
Answers to medical conditions (ex. high blood pressure or diabetes- diagnose date and treatment)

Day of exam
What should you do or not do on the day of your life insurance exam?
•Have your photo ID ready
•Wear comfortable clothing
•Avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea and don’t smoke
•Avoid exercise


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